A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date, Preview, Cast (Father’s Day)

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9: Get ready for an emotional roller coaster as A Million Little Things returns with Season 5 Episode 9, titled “Father’s Day.” The gripping family drama, known for its heartwarming and poignant stories, continues to engage viewers in its 5th and final season. Developed by DJ Nash, the show has consistently received praise for its emotionally heavy narrative and captivating performances. In the upcoming episode, scheduled to air on April 5, 2023, at 10 pm ET on ABC, fans can expect a blend of heartfelt moments and unexpected challenges as the characters navigate through life’s ups and downs, making it an unmissable event.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date

Mark your calendars as the highly anticipated A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 10 pm ET on the ABC TV Network. The emotionally charged family drama continues to captivate its audience with compelling storylines, making the upcoming episode a must-watch event for fans. Don’t miss out on the drama as the lives of the beloved characters unfold in this enthralling installment of the final season.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9 Preview

Delilah’s Dramatic Homecoming

Delilah, played by Stephanie Szostak, makes a long-awaited return to Boston in the upcoming episode of A Million Little Things airing on Wednesday, April 5. The character arrives from France and immediately becomes entangled in a stressful situation involving a hospital visit.

Emotional Father’s Day Episode

The episode, titled “Father’s Day,” revolves around the June holiday and focuses on Gary grappling with his first Father’s Day as a dad and without his own father. Simultaneously, Rome searches for a suitable living environment for his dementia-stricken father, Walter.

Delilah’s Backstory

In the Season 4 premiere, Delilah learned that her father had suffered a stroke while she was in France. This devastating news prompted her decision to move back to Europe permanently with her and Eddie’s daughter, Charlie. Stephanie Szostak’s shift from series regular to recurring guest star was influenced by the COVID-quarantine protocol, which affected her ability to travel between Connecticut and Vancouver, where the show is filmed.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Executive producer DJ Nash shared his appreciation for Szostak’s continued involvement in the series. He added that the show’s focus on family and the importance of balancing work and personal life resonated with Szostak’s own experiences during the pandemic.

Upcoming Emotional Turmoil

In the upcoming episode, Delilah faces a crisis involving her daughter and an emotionally charged argument with her daughter’s father. This tension-packed episode promises an intense exploration of family dynamics and the challenges faced by the characters.

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9 Cast

  • David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville
  • Romany Malco as Rome Howard
  • Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom
  • Sebastien Roberts as Clark Ainsworth
  • Ash Spencer as Maddox Ainsworth
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