A Small Light Episode 5 & 6 Release Date, Cast (Disney +)

A Small Light Episode 5 & 6: “A Small Light” continues to captivate audiences with its poignant representation of World War II history. This dramatic series brings to life the incredible story of Miep Gies, a brave Dutch woman who risked everything to hide Anne Frank’s family from the Nazis. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the next episodes, let’s delve into what to expect in “A Small Light” Episodes 5 & 6.

Where to Watch A Small Light

This compelling National Geographic Original drama can be streamed on both Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar. For international viewers, Disney+ is the key to accessing this intriguing historical saga, which follows the usual weekly run.

Release Date for A Small Light Episodes 5 & 6

Mark your calendars for Monday, May 8th at 9 pm ET to catch “A Small Light” Episodes 5 & 6. The episodes will be available with subtitles on both Hulu and Disney+, each running for approximately 50 minutes, in line with the rest of the series.

Episode Count for A Small Light

The series “A Small Light” is slated to have a total of 8 episodes. With two episodes being released each week, we can look forward to two more riveting episodes following the upcoming ones.

Revisiting A Small Light – Season 1 Episode 4

Before we dive into the anticipation for Episodes 5 & 6, let’s recap the events of Episode 4. A tense situation unfolds in the hiding place as Miep can’t locate the Jewish families she’s been hiding, including the Franks. The place is in disarray, suggesting that the Nazis might have intruded.

In a relief, Miep finds them hidden in the attic, and along with her trustworthy colleagues Kulgar and Kleiman, devises a plan to conceal the entrance with a bookshelf.

A Tale of Love, Deception, and Hope

Amid these tense moments, the personal life of Miep also unfolds. She feels betrayed when her nonreligious partner, Jan, is seen entering a church. Despite her friend Tess’s attempt to console her, Miep grapples with her emotions.

In a surprising turn of events, Miep also discovers that Tess’s boyfriend is a Nazi, leading to increased tension and a reminder of the perilous situation they are all in.

Celebrating Festivities Amid Fear

Despite the looming threats, the Franks and other Jewish families strive to find joy in the simultaneous celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Miep and Jan leave a party to join the Jewish families in celebrating Hanukkah, highlighting their unity and determination.

Unearthing Secrets and Strengthening Resolve

Episode 4 ends on a dramatic note with Miep and Jan unearthing secrets and strengthening their resolve to fight against the Nazis. The discovery of a stolen Jewish necklace and the revelation of Jan’s secret resistance activities heighten the intrigue, setting the stage for the upcoming episodes.

A Small Light Episode 5 & 6 Cast

  • Ashley Brooke as Margot Frank
  • Billie Boullet as Anne Frank
  • Noah Taylor as Doctor Pfeffer
  • Hanna van Vliet as Frieda Belinfante
  • Andy Nyman as Hermann Van Pels
  • Cosima Shaw as Genofeva Nieuwenburg
  • Michelle Parker as Bet van Beeren
  • Liza Sadovy as Mrs. Stoppelman
  • Preston Nyman as Kuno Van Der Horst
  • Rudi Goodman as Peter Van Pels
  • Alex Montyro as Vigo
  • Sean Hart as Willem Arondeus
  • Tyrone Huntley as Singer

Looking Forward to A Small Light Episodes 5 & 6

With its brilliant dialogue and compelling performances, “A Small Light” continues to offer a gripping portrayal of historical events. As we look forward to Episodes 5 & 6, we anticipate more riveting drama and a deeper exploration of the characters’ struggles, resilience, and determination in the face of adversity.

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