Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2: Loch Henry Ending Explained

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2: We’re back on our journey through the spine-chilling universe of Black Mirror Season 6 with episode 2, titled “Loch Henry.” Be warned, though, the road ahead is laden with spoilers and plot twists. Mastermind Charlie Brooker offers a biting satire on the true crime genre while giving a blow to Scottish tourism, unfurling a tale of horror and revelations as young filmmakers Davis and Pia stumble upon a sinister chapter of local history.

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2

The Unfolding of “Loch Henry”

The episode provides a chance for Davis to introduce his girlfriend Pia to his mother Janet, during their stay at Janet’s home as they prepare to shoot a nature documentary. An encounter with Davis’s friend Stuart, owner of a struggling local pub, exposes them to a grim narrative of Iain Adair, a farmer’s son notorious for torturing and killing people, leading to a plunge in local tourism.

The story of a honeymooning couple going missing in 1997 at Loch Henry and the subsequent investigation led by Davis’s father, Kenneth McCardle, brings back chilling memories. An altercation at Stuart’s bar led Kenneth to confront Iain, culminating in Iain shooting Kenneth, his parents, and then himself. The subsequent police investigation revealed a gruesome torture room and eight bodies, with the fallout of the story destroying the local tourist trade. The ripple effects of this tragedy did not end here, with Kenneth’s contraction of MRSA in the hospital ultimately claiming his life.

The Shift in the Documentary’s Focus

Intrigued by this horrific tale, Pia proposes a shift in their documentary’s focus towards Iain’s grim legacy. Stuart, too, sees potential in this, hoping that this could help revive tourism. After initial resistance, Davis gives in, and the couple sets out to work on their new true crime documentary.

The Unearthing of a Shocking Secret

Their diligent work leads them to pitch their series to Kate Cezar at Historik Productions, who asks them for new material. This pushes them to trespass Iain’s farm and investigate the dreaded building. But the unsettling discovery of the day comes not from the farm but from an old tape at Davis’s home. Pia stumbles upon a home movie that shatters the already horrific narrative. The footage reveals that Davis’s parents were accomplices in Iain’s heinous crimes, participating in sexually violent acts with him.

The Unexpected Twist and Grim Ending

Petrified by the discovery and stranded in the middle of nowhere with a killer, Pia attempts to escape, only to die in an accident. Knowing her secret is out, Janet decides to end her life, leaving a chilling note for her son.

The Bitter-Sweet Success of “Loch Henry”

Jumping into the near future, we witness the release of the trailer for the new docu-series on the Iain Adair case. Davis’s documentary, titled “Loch Henry,” garners immense success, winning a BAFTA for the best factual series. However, the success is bittersweet for Davis, who is left overwhelmed by the reveal of his parents’ dark secrets and their consequences.

Review of “Loch Henry”

“Loch Henry” is an ingeniously constructed satire and a riveting exploration of the true crime genre, spotlighting both the victims of the scandal and the profiteers of the series. It offers a sharp critique of one of Netflix’s most popular genres, which often capitalizes on human suffering for financial gain.

Brooker’s script is a cocktail of Black Mirror’s trademark elements – incisive humor, socio-cultural critique, and horrific revelations. But the familiarity doesn’t make it any less refreshing. The episode continually challenges expectations and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Larger Implication of the Story

Brooker’s “Loch Henry” goes beyond being a mere story of crime and investigation. It’s a contemplative piece about exploitation, morality, and the troubling boundaries we cross for success. The episode critically examines how personal tragedy and human suffering often serve as commodities in the entertainment world.

Looking Back at “Loch Henry”

In “Loch Henry,” we navigate a world rife with grotesque horror and unexpected plot twists, complemented by a stunning landscape that starkly contrasts the narrative’s darkness. The episode ends with Davis standing alone in his hotel room, staring at his BAFTA with tears in his eyes – a poignant reminder of the heavy price paid for the acclaimed series.


In the second episode of Black Mirror’s sixth season, Charlie Brooker makes a bold stab at the true crime genre with “Loch Henry.” He effectively deconstructs one of Netflix’s most bankable genres, painting a picture that is as thought-provoking as it is chilling. The episode, complete with its signature Black Mirror blend of dark humor, tense horror, and meticulous analysis, is an insightful hour in the show’s groundbreaking narrative. The chilling tale of Loch Henry resonates long after the credits roll, reminding us of the shadowy underbelly of the world of true crime documentaries.

What is the main plot of “Loch Henry,” Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2?

“Loch Henry” revolves around a young couple, Davis and Pia, who set out to make a nature documentary in a scenic Scottish locale. Their focus shifts to a dark true crime story that ultimately reveals their personal connections to the gruesome events.

How does the episode satirize the true crime genre?

The episode satirizes the true crime genre by highlighting the commodification of personal tragedy and human suffering. It shows how these stories often serve as profitable content in the entertainment industry.

Who are the main characters in “Loch Henry”?

The main characters in “Loch Henry” are Davis, Pia, Davis’ mother Janet, and their friend Stuart. Davis and Pia are young filmmakers, while Janet harbors a dark secret.

What are the major twists in Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2?

Major twists include the revelation that Davis’s parents were involved in the heinous crimes they were investigating, leading to the tragic deaths of Pia and Janet. The episode ends with Davis winning a BAFTA for his documentary based on the grim tale.

What is the significance of the BAFTA award at the end of the episode?

The BAFTA award symbolizes the troubling success derived from exploiting personal tragedy and human suffering. Davis’s conflicted feelings encapsulate the moral complexities inherent in profiting from such content.

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