BMF Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date, Cast (Both Sides of the Fence) (Starz)

BMF Season 2 Episode 7: The date that BMF Season 2 Episode 7 will come out is here. Fans of the show want to know what’s going on with it now. Fans will find the post helpful because it will tell them when and how to stream BMF Season 2 Episode 7 when it comes out.

If you missed the last episode, here is a quick summary. When he and Terry go back to Detroit, Meech is determined to start up BMF again, find Lamar, and kill him for good. It’s the kind of attitude a team’s captain needs, especially if they’ve been losing a lot.

Lamar kills Sockie of the BMF in a surprise attack. Meech is driven to make a deal with a local crew called the PA Boys so that they will help him move goods and kill Lamar. It’s a smart plan, but Lamar ends up killing two of their people, so it doesn’t work out.

BMF Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

BMF Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Lamar has repeatedly made it hard for the group to move forward; whether they want to admit it or not, they are afraid of him. Lamar finds out that Meech and Terry are determined to find him.

This gives him the freedom to do whatever he wants. He kills Sockie and two more crew members who Meech paid to kill him. Lamar will keep bothering BMF as long as he is still alive and mostly healthy and as long as killing Meech is still on his list of things to do.

Terry is back in BMF, and Meech was especially happy to see him dancing. Terry finally makes up his mind. For most of this season and the first half of the first year, he went back and forth between wanting to join the gang and not wanting to join the gang. He starts by telling his parents and high school teacher that he won’t return to finish his classes and graduate.

His parents are shocked by the news. Even though they try to talk him out of it, he falls back and says that no one can make him change his mind. After having a short sexual encounter with Mabel, Charles returns to her house and tells her they must break up.

As soon as Mabel takes off her robe, his moment of strength is over, and before we know it, Charles has fallen into her trap and is having sexual relations with her on her sofa. It’s terrible because all of the nice things he’s done for Lucille, like making himself more emotionally available and taking her out to dinner, will be lost when Charles’ cheating finally catches up with him, as it does with most people.

Mabel does well in other ways because of what she learned from Charles. She quickly found and got what she was looking for. Charles falls into her trap because he is unstable emotionally and has a soft heart. Still, he is old enough to stay in his relationship and work through its problems instead of running away. But that’s not the case.

B-Mickie is angry that Terry is back at BMF. He thought that Terry left the group, but when he came back, he was welcomed with open arms and given the top spot that B-Mickie had held for a long time. B-Mickie told Meech how upset he was, and Meech told him to stop worrying about them.

After B-Mickie said he would catch Meech for Detectives Bryant and Jin, but then changed his mind and ran away with an angry Meech, things only got worse for B-Mickie. B-Mickie says goodbye to his mother and gets ready to leave Detroit.

Since B-Mickie can’t leave Detroit and Meech knows he worked with the police, things won’t go well for him in the future. Still, it could also mean more bad things for BMF.

BMF Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date

The air date for BMF Season 2 Episode 7 is February 27, 2023. In the US, BMF Season 2 Episode 7 will be shown for the first time on Starz at 8 pm. BMF Season 2 Episode 7 will be available online on February 28 at noon AEDT, 6.30 am IST, and 1 am GMT (Feb 28).

BMF Season 2 Episode 7 Cast

  • Demetrius ‘Lil Meech’ Flenory as Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory(as Demetrius Flenory Jr.)
  • Da’Vinchi as Terry ‘Southwest T’ Flenory
  • Michole Briana White as Lucille Flenory
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Lamar Silas(as Eric Kofi Abrefa)
  • Myles Truitt as B-Mickie
  • La La Anthony as Markisha Taylor(as Alani ‘La La’ Anthony)
  • Kelly Hu as Detective Veronica Jin
  • Steve Harris as Detective Bryant
  • Russell Hornsby as Charles Flenory
  • Serayah as Lori
  • Sydney Mitchell as LaWanda
  • Kash Doll as Monique(as Arkeisha ‘Kash Doll’ Knight)
  • Donnell Rawlings as Alvin
  • Laila Pruitt as Nicole
  • Christine Horn as Mabel
  • Rayan Lawrence as K-9
  • Tyshon Freeman as Hoop
  • Jen Harper as Auntie Rose

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