Cardi B Reacts To Selena Gomez Retirement Rumors And Defends Mac Miller Plus

Cardi B Reacts To Selena Gomez Retirement Rumors And Defends Mac Miller Plus

Cardi B reacts to Selena Gomez retirement rumors and defends Mac Miller Plus Beyonce praises Meghan Markle

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Starting with Selena Gomez in a new interview with Vogue Cell opened up about the last time she felt her potential was uncomplicated that time in her life was when she was first filming wizards of Waverly place speaking about her tv family she said they loved me for me and they still do, I can’t say that I have that anymore I can’t meet someone and know if they like me for me sal continued, to be honest, I just want to start over I want everything to be brand new I want someone to love me like I’m brand new

In other Selena related news Cardi B took to Twitter to react to cell teasing a departure from music the rapper said I don’t think Selena should retire she makes good music and her fans love her I think she needs one more era an edgy one that no one has ever seen her as I would love to give her some ideas Cardi then called Selena such a sweetheart and concluded that if she wants to leave then leave because you want to not because of these efforts but Selena wasn’t the only one that Cardi went to defend on Twitter, she also spoke up for the late Mac Miller earlier this week.

Cardi celebrated her song Bodak Yellow becoming diamond certified and was forced to clap back at people who accused her of not crediting Kodak Black well another user on Twitter decided to revisit Cardi winning best Rap Album over Mac Miller and she clapped back and said his family didn’t have any mean energy so why do you Cardi continue let me make it clear if a Mac Miller fan is upset I get it to go hard for who you love I understand if you mad at me at the grammy situation but don’t bring up his name for a viral tweet when you were the one bullying him for months and switching gears to Beyonce now because she watched.

Meghan Markle’s big interview with Oprah and Praised her bravery Beyonce showed her support with a post on her official website that read thank you. Megan for your courage and leadership we are all strengthened and inspired by you adding to this in non-music-related news.

Prince William reacted to Megan’s Interview and said we’re very much not a racist family.

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