Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 19 Release Date, Cast (The Bleed Valve)

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 19: Chicago PD fans, the wait is almost over! After a brief hiatus, the action-packed police drama returns with Season 10 Episode 19, titled “The Bleed Valve.” In this gripping new episode, Atwater finds himself in a complex situation as his personal and professional lives intertwine.

A Tragic Shooting and Atwater’s Dilemma

In “The Bleed Valve,” a young child is tragically shot in a building owned by Atwater. As the Intelligence Unit investigates the case, Atwater must confront the delicate balance between his work and his business interests. Complicating matters further, Atwater’s father, Lew, becomes involved in the case, forcing Atwater to face their strained relationship.

Lew’s Return and Atwater’s Trust Issues

Lew previously appeared in Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 11, “Long Lost,” and his motives were unclear. Although he seemed to want to make amends with his son, his intentions were questionable. His return in the upcoming episode could either demonstrate his commitment to improving their relationship or reveal that he hasn’t learned from past mistakes. Regardless, Atwater will once again have to decide if this is a relationship he wants to maintain.

What to Expect in Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 19?

The promo for the episode suggests that Lew’s involvement in the case is connected to the missing child. As Voight and the team investigate, Atwater will have to grapple with his complicated feelings towards his father.

The synopsis reveals that the shooting takes place in a building Atwater owns and is committed to improving for the neighborhood’s benefit. The heartbreaking event of a child’s death will undoubtedly hit Atwater hard, made even more challenging by his father’s connection to the case. Atwater will need to determine whether he can trust Lew as the investigation unfolds.

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 19 Release Date

Get ready for another thrilling episode of Chicago PD. “The Bleed Valve” is set to air on May 3, 2023, at 9 pm Central Standard Time on NBC. Don’t miss out as Atwater faces one of his most challenging cases yet, forcing him to confront his troubled past and navigate the complexities of his present.

Chicago PD Season 10 Episode 19 Cast

  • Jason Beghe as Hank Voight
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton
  • Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess
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