Doomsday Lyrics Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae Meaning

Doomsday” is a compelling track by Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae that exposes the deep undertones of their experiences in the music industry. Using metaphoric language and vivid imagery, the artists explore themes of fame, struggle, and the pursuit of success, all while maintaining their unique style. The lyrics are a testament to the artists’ raw talent and their ability to rise above the challenges they face. πŸš€

Doomsday Lyrics Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae Meaning

Verse 1 🎡:

In the opening verse, the artist claims to bring something unique to the industry, likening himself to a disruptive force. He notes his journey is rooted in personal experiences, symbolized by the tattoo of his mother’s name. The line about taking others to school “like LeBron James” signifies educating others about the industry’s reality. He’s not just a performer; he’s a force to be reckoned with. πŸ’ͺ🎀

Verse 2 🎢:

This verse further illustrates the artist’s defiance and rebelliousness against conventional norms. He showcases his bold attitude by discussing his interactions with authority figures and societal norms, reinforcing his distinct, rule-breaking persona. The artist also cleverly uses the metaphor of Queen Latifah bringing the house down, illustrating his impact on the music scene. 🏚️🎧

Verse 3 🎡:

The artist here discusses his hustle, his focus on wealth and success, and his refusal to let anything stand in his way. He uses the metaphor of RosΓ© and road rage to symbolize his relentless drive to succeed. The artist also emphasizes his skill and talent, stating that he’s been exceptional since a young age. πŸš—πŸ’°

Verse 4 🎢:

The final verse delves deeper into the artist’s journey, showcasing his struggle, success, and triumph. It paints a vivid picture of the artist’s self-perception as someone who has overcome adversity to achieve his current status. The verse ends with the metaphor of the artist running laps around his competitors, symbolizing his superior talent and success. πŸ†πŸŽΌ

Doomsday Lyrics Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae

Uh-huh, yeah-yeah
Juice is eating a, uh, ice cream
With, uh, lots of caramel (bitch)
I just had a ice cream sandwich, M&Ms
On a Eminem beat, ironically
Yeah-yeah, three years
Uh, uh, okay

I’m the type to come in the game and just launch pain
With a bronze frame and a tattoo of my mom’s name
This industry has nothing to offer beyond fame
Time to take these niggas to school, LeBron James

Lesson one, I’m a bad teacher who gave the class seizures
Smash divas, stash reefer in the lab freezer
I found the reefer Cordae stashed in the back of the lab
So I’m in class, smokin’ gas, slappin’ the class preacher

Bring the house down on you hoes, Queen Latifah
I’m too fast, gettin’ this cash
Get in the way, get your brain bashed
Chopper gon’ smash, hittin’ your face
I’ma tie up, just like a shoe, my flow laced

Y’all niggas so fake, wash your face in my showcase
Fresher than Colgate, make hoes wait, I hold weight
Bottle of RosΓ© in the Rolls, drivin’ with road rage
For ten days, off Xans, just tryna get paid

And since the sixth grade I been great, no sensei
My rent paid for ten days ’cause my pen’s great
I smoke ten Js with two hoes that go both ways
Funny how two plus two equals foreplay

Speakin’ of foreplay, had this shit in the hallway with
A nun on Sunday, I guess I’m just too blessed (whoa, ayy)
Me and my nigga Juice WRLD takin’ over the Universe
You knew it first, got my mom Chanel with the newest purse

Birkin bag, never hurt to ask, “What type of purse is that?”
Something that’s very fuckin’ expensive, I deserve to brag
I murder tracks, this isn’t mumble, it’s murder rap
Type of shit your grandma understand with her old ass

Spend a half a million, then go back and make some more cash
The hair trigger Brazilian, you would get your whole hood waxed

See, what you know about my life and my troubled past?
Took the shuttle pass, hit the mall, I got double cash, copped the duffle bag
Ten bands on my fuckin’ ass, that’s a subtle brag
Hi Level, we be makin’ moves, hit the huddle fast, ah

Break the huddle, get a sack, that’s a fumble on the play
Not in my house, he look like Mutombo in the face
Leave him spinnin’ like a funnel cloud with lightning and some thunder
Like the Wizard of O-Z, the way we carry him away (uh)

Carry him, then bury him, barbarian
Beef with anybody, even if you vegetarian
My flow on ebola, your flow just need Claritin
Runnin’ laps ’round these chaps, it’s embarrassin’

What is the song ‘Doomsday’ about? πŸ€”

The song ‘Doomsday’ is about the artists’ experiences in the music industry, their struggles, and their rise to success. It uses metaphoric language and vivid imagery to depict their journey. πŸŽ΅πŸš€

Who are the artists on the track ‘Doomsday’? 😊

Doomsday’ is performed by Lyrical Lemonade, Juice WRLD & Cordae. 🎧🌟

What themes does the song ‘Doomsday’ explore? 🧐

The song ‘Doomsday’ explores themes of fame, struggle, success, and the pursuit of personal dreams in the face of adversity. It portrays the artists’ defiance, rebellion, and determination to rise above the challenges of the music industry. πŸ’ͺπŸ’­

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