High Desert Episode 7 Release Date, Recap, Cast (Apple TV+)

High Desert Episode 7: “High Desert” Season 1 has kept its viewers on their toes, and episode 6 was no different. Our protagonist Peggy, closer than ever to uncovering the truth about Dona, encounters an array of obstacles that thicken the plot. This episode has shown us a chain of events that heighten the suspense and stakes for Peggy.

Guru Bob, caught in a difficult position with the henchman and his daughter, puts Peggy in their line of sight. Meanwhile, Peggy and Bruce are on their clandestine mission, hoping to verify the identity of the severed finger through a DNA test. Peggy’s maverick tactics, such as verifying Dona’s fingernail at a salon, adds an element of dark humor to the otherwise suspenseful plot.

Her visit to Nick, under the pretense of discussing a book, is overshadowed by her ulterior motive of swiping a painting. Throughout the episode, Peggy maintains her resourcefulness, outwitting the henchman and his daughter, who have set up a trap for her.

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The final revelation comes from the nail technician, who tips off Nick about Peggy’s investigation. With Nick now on her trail and the DNA test results two days away, Peggy is running a tightrope, with danger lurking on every side.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Viewing Details

The nail-biting suspense of “High Desert” Season 1 continues in episode 7, scheduled to release on June 14, 2023, at 3 am EST. The intriguing episode, “This Doesn’t Have to Be a Tragedy,” promises a runtime of 31 minutes of captivating drama. You can catch the episode on Apple TV+, ensuring that you’re on time to unravel the mysteries that Peggy encounters.

Predicting High Desert Season 1 Episode 7

As we move towards the conclusion of “High Desert” Season 1, we expect a plethora of twists and turns in episode 7. Will we finally discover who murdered Dona? Will Peggy manage to keep herself safe from Nick and the henchman? And what role will Denny play in this unraveling narrative?

While predictions may vary, one thing is for sure: Peggy’s journey is set to become even more perilous. As we brace ourselves for another episode filled with suspense, danger, and dark humor, we can only guess how Peggy will navigate the turbulent waters that await her.

Remember, to continue this riveting journey, make sure you have an active subscription to Apple TV+. “High Desert” is a series that promises intrigue, suspense, and a unique blend of humor that makes it an unmissable watch.

High Desert Episode 7 Cast

  • Patricia Arquette as Peggy
  • Christine Taylor as Dianne
  • Matt Dillon as Denny
  • Rupert Friend as Guru Bob
  • Brad Garrett as Bruce
  • Bernadette Peters as Rosalyn
  • Carlo Rota as Arman
  • Carmine Giovinazzo as Nick Gatchi
  • Michael Masini as Leo Gatchi
  • Alex Saxon as Ethan
  • Shannon DeVido as Wendi
  • Kellen Joseph as William
  • Julia Rickert as Heather
  • Jayden Gomez as Cooper
  • Dorian Martin as Chunky
  • Maria Arroyo as Tourist
  • Daniel Colman as Lionel Richie(voice)
  • Pierce Minor as Cannonball Cowboy
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