How Did Chelsea Lazkani Feel About Joining Selling Sunset Initially?

How Did Chelsea Lazkani Feel About Joining Selling Sunset Initially? When Chelsea Lazkani first burst onto the Selling Sunset scene, viewers didn’t quite know what to expect. The Nigerian-British-American dynamo, known for her unstoppable energy and quick wit, quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the popular Netflix reality show. Her dramatic arrival at the Oppenheim Group, an elite real estate brokerage in Los Angeles, coincided with major changes and escalating drama among the existing cast members.

The Pressure and Pleasure of Being Different

When asked about how she felt when initially joining Selling Sunset, Lazkani’s answer was filled with power and passion. She approached this unique opportunity just as she had approached all her life’s challenges, with full awareness that her distinctive background and personality might make her the only one of her kind in many rooms. She felt a profound pressure to perform at her best every single day, a work ethic she attributes to her mother’s influence. Despite the potential challenges, she arrived on the scene strong and ready to make an impact.

Bold Ambition and Self-Belief

Lazkani’s boldness and drive are evident in her approach to work and life. She made a striking entrance at the Oppenheim Group, announcing her intention to make her mark on the agency roster. She manifested all her accomplishments through sheer self-belief and the power of positive speech. In her own words, “I talk about these big dreams as if they’re a reality so that I can prepare myself and have the deck ready for when the opportunities do come.”

Embracing the Spotlight and Responsibility

Despite her initial fear of the wide public exposure associated with being on a popular reality TV show, Lazkani chose to join the Selling Sunset cast to reach out to young individuals who may lack self-love or confidence. She sought to demonstrate through her own life that confidence and the right mindset can transform one’s life. Lazkani also emphasized the importance of representation, sharing her ambition to be a role model for other Black women and women of color looking to make a mark in the lucrative real estate industry.

The Christine Connection

When it came to bonding with the Selling Sunset cast, Lazkani found an instant connection with Christine Quinn, the agency’s resident troublemaker. She describes their first meeting as “electric,” highlighting their shared sense of humor and unconventional personality traits. In Lazkani’s words, “Yes, she says whatever she wants whenever she wants, but she’s probably the funniest person I know, and it’s always so amazing being on set with her.”

Future Aspirations on Selling Sunset

If Chelsea Lazkani continues to be part of future Selling Sunset seasons, she aims to open up more about her personal story and the challenges she’s faced in her journey. She is also excited about sharing the not-so-glamorous aspects of her work in real estate. Ultimately, she hopes to convey the message that believing in oneself and laying out a step-by-step plan can make even the most ambitious dreams a reality.

Prospects of a Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa Crossover

On the possibility of a crossover with the Netflix show Selling Tampa, Lazkani seemed genuinely excited. She revealed that she is close to some of the women from Selling Tampa, considering Colony Reeves and Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere as her sisters. The similar experiences in real estate and a deep mutual respect make the prospects of a crossover quite intriguing. Only time will tell if these powerhouse women will bring their talents together for an unforgettable real estate adventure.

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