Never Have I Ever Season 4: Who Does Devi End Up With And Do She And Paxton Get Back Together?

Who Does Devi End Up With And Do She And Paxton Get Back Together? The charming American comedy-drama Never Have I Ever has had viewers deeply invested in the tumultuous love triangle of Devi, Ben, and Paxton since its release in 2020. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the Netflix series has brilliantly navigated the teenage life of Devi, keeping viewers guessing about her love life. As season 4 reached its conclusion on June 8th, 2023, fans were left asking: Who does Devi end up with, and do she and Paxton ever get back together?

Who Wins Devi’s Heart in Never Have I Ever Season 4?

In the final season of Never Have I Ever, it is revealed that Devi chooses Ben (Jaren Lewison). Many viewers were rooting for this couple from the start, despite other romantic interests entering the scene – most notably, Paxton.

The season begins with Devi and Ben’s romantic encounter that unfortunately falls short of their expectations, leading to a rift between them. Despite the summer silence and Ben’s new relationship with Margot, Devi maintains her independence, embarking on a romantic journey with the new bad boy on campus, Ethan (Michael Cimino).

However, by the finale, Devi is attending her grandmother’s wedding while Ben is away on an internship in New York. Just when it seems that Devi and Ben might not reunite, Ben seizes the moment, rushing to Devi’s side. With a more successful intimate reunion, they decide to give their relationship another chance, vowing to make it work despite attending different colleges, Princeton and Columbia, respectively. The series concludes with a snapshot of their happiness together in Devi’s college dorm, reaffirming their commitment to their relationship.

Paxton’s Love Life in Never Have I Ever Season 4

While Devi and Ben’s reunion might be disappointing to some, Paxton also finds his happy ending in Never Have I Ever season 4. The season witnesses a close moment between Devi and Paxton when they get locked in the swim team’s locker room. An unexpected kiss ensues, but it acts more as a farewell than a passionate rekindling. Consequently, Paxton moves on to a new relationship with Lindsay Thompson.

The End of the Love Triangle: Showrunner’s Insights

Lang Fisher, the showrunner for the series, shared her insights on the divisive conclusion in an interview with The Wrap, predicting that some fans might feel disappointed with the resolution of the love triangle. However, she hopes that the series finale was crafted in such a way that even fans whose preferred coupling didn’t happen can still appreciate the ending. Fisher acknowledged that the series created strong sentiments among the fans, making it a challenging task to please everyone.

As of now, Never Have I Ever season 4 is available for streaming on Netflix. The series’ conclusion offers a sense of closure to fans who have been faithfully following Devi’s romantic journey, ultimately providing a satisfying end to the much-debated love triangle.

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