People Can’t Believe Their Eyes When It Comes to This Viral Challenge on Social Media

People Can’t Believe Their Eyes When It Comes to This Viral Challenge on Social Media: Social media trends, particularly on platforms like TikTok, shift as unpredictably as the weather. Whether it’s the viral filter that predicts your future child or the one that projects your elderly visage, these intriguing gimmicks keep us endlessly entertained. The latest sensation sweeping across TikTok is the ‘closed-eyes’ challenge, which is proving to be quite an enigma for users.

Understanding the Closed-Eyes Challenge

The closed-eyes challenge ranks at the top in the realm of viral internet content that keeps us laughing. This amusing trend first grabbed attention in November 2022, and since then, countless TikTok users have joined the fun.

People Can't Believe Their Eyes When It Comes to This Viral Challenge on Social Media

How Does It Work?

The premise of the challenge is simple: apply the ‘closed-eyes’ filter, which creates an illusion of your eyes being closed when they’re not. You then ask someone to stand behind you and flash any number of fingers. As your eyes are actually open, you can spot the number effortlessly, convincing the other person that you possess psychic abilities.

Celebrities Joining the Trend

The challenge has even caught the attention of celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Brooke Shields. In a humorous video posted on her official TikTok account, Brooke’s daughters attempt a light-hearted prank on her during the challenge, proving that not everyone can master it on the first go.

User Reactions

The closed-eyes challenge is not just eliciting laughter but also creating heartwarming moments on the platform. User @monstertapestore tried the prank on his grandma, and her delighted response calling him a magician has become a viral hit. However, not all attempts have been met with similar responses, as illustrated by TikToker @tutuokay, whose attempt at the challenge was met with a less-than-enthused reaction from her mom.

How to Join the Fun

Using the closed-eyes filter is quite straightforward for those interested in hopping on the bandwagon. Simply open TikTok, click on the plus sign at the bottom of your screen, and select ‘Effects’ located at the bottom-left corner. This allows you to search for the ‘Closed Eyes’ filter. You can apply the filter and then, voila! You’re all set to take the challenge.

In conclusion, the closed-eyes challenge is a classic example of how viral social media trends keep us entertained and engaged. Whether you’re a celebrity, a grandma, or just someone up for a laugh, this TikTok challenge offers a hilarious way to test the limits of credibility.

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