Rising Star John Owen Lowe: A Journey of Sobriety, Love (Olivia Rodriguez), and Success

Rising Star John Owen Lowe: John Owen Lowe, a gifted young actor, has been gaining recognition not only for his acting but also for his work as a writer and producer. As one of the writers for the hit show 9-1-1 Lone Star, John Owen has proven his versatility and talent. Recently, he starred alongside his father, Rob Lowe, in the comedy special, Unstable.

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle and Celebrating Sobriety

Now five years sober, John Owen Lowe is grateful for his health and well-being. He credits his father, Rob Lowe, for teaching him the importance of taking care of both his body and mind. In discussing his recovery journey, John Owen emphasizes that maintaining a healthy mindset has been key to his success.

Love and Support: John Owen Lowe’s Partner

John Owen Lowe’s partner is Olivia Rodriguez. Though the actor is relatively new to the entertainment world and much of his personal life remains private, it appears that the couple has been together for some time.

Rising Star John Owen Lowe

A Father-Son Duo in the Netflix Drama “Unstable”

In the Netflix drama Unstable, John Owen Lowe stars with his father, Rob Lowe, as Ellis and Jackson, an estranged father and son. As co-creators of the show, the real-life father-son pair brings a unique dynamic to their on-screen roles. Despite some similarities between the characters and their own relationship, John Owen points out that the fictional Jackson is more socially awkward and lost than he is in real life.

Working Together and Creating Memories

When asked about working with his father, John Owen admits he never imagined they would collaborate as closely as they have. He compares the experience to being lost in a forest, where the only way out is to venture deeper into it. This unique opportunity has allowed the duo to bond in new and meaningful ways.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Strength

The father and son have opened up about John Owen’s struggles with alcohol abuse during his late teens and early college years. Reflecting on this period of his life, John Owen acknowledges the many times he could have died, as he constantly pushed his limits. He admits that his growing insecurity led to more aggressive self-medication. Now, with the support of his loved ones and a renewed focus on his health, John Owen Lowe is thriving in his career and personal life, proving that even the darkest of times can give way to a brighter future.

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