The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Cast Recap | The Boys Season 3 The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies Cast Recap

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Preview

All eight episodes of The Boys Season 3 will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Episode 5 of The Boys Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 17th, 2022.

It’s crucial to know that depending on where you live and what time zone you’re in, you may not be able to watch the new episode at the exact time listed below.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

As Homelander makes his way to his first board meeting in Moscow, Hughie passes out, perhaps due to consuming Compound V. He states that Moscow was a dead end when he returns with Starlight.

Eventually, Hughie admits that he took Compound V and that Soldier Boy is not only still alive but also running amok in Moscow.

Intoxicated, Billy and Queen Maeve engage in a sex act after he deems superheroes “walking nuclear hazards.”

Little Nina is waiting for Frenchie in the hospital with a box of Chocolate Limes. She informs Frenchie he’s her employee and gives him orders to murder a child, much to his disgust.

After then, The Female begins to awaken. That her wound hasn’t healed makes her feel better. A heavy object is too much for her to carry. Her powers seem to have dwindled after meeting Soldier Boy. It appears to be so.

A-Train denies any responsibility for Alex’s death when confronted by Starlight.

Soldier Boy is an outcast who finds much of modern civilization perplexing. He produces an explosion that kills 19 people as he tries to comprehend what he sees.

When Marvin sees the television reports about the explosion, he cancels his plans to take his daughter Janine to a science fair.

Marvin is present as Billy and Hughie investigate the blast scene. As they search for Soldier Boy, Billy recommends they put their differences aside and unite to do so. Then Marvin agrees.

Blue Hawk apologizes publicly for any activities that could be construed as racist in light of the response he has received due to his previous conduct. A $10,000 donation is then made to him.

Blue Hawk, on the other hand, becomes exceedingly irrational and angry when questioned about his actions.

A man named The Legend, who enjoys drugs and movies as much as Marlon Brando, welcomes Marvin, Hughie, and Billy into his home.

But The Legend denies ever having seen Soldier Boy in the area. Because of Billy’s past relationship with The Legend, it appears that he wouldn’t say anything.

In the end, though, he acknowledges that Soldier Boy came to collect his outfit and his girlfriend’s address.

He goes on national TV and rejects the fears about the explosion. He tells Queen Maeve that he used to love her after the interview airs before asking if anything about them was ever confirmed to her.

She confesses to him that she has despised and despised him since the beginning. Homelander smirks as Queen Maeve has attacked off-screen following that revelation.

Billy permits Hughie to take more Compound V despite Marvin’s reservations, and Starlight learns through Ashley that Queen Maeve is purportedly at the Global Wellness Retreat despite Marvin’s suspicions.

Ashley refuses to tell Starlight where she thinks Queen Maeve is. Fearing that Homelander would learn the location of Maeve, Ashley goes into hiding. Nina tries to phone Frenchie as Frenchie, and The Female are watching a movie in the hospital.

However, he is more interested in The Female, who gains the capacity to speak and sing. However, it’s all in his head at the moment. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant piece of music. After that, Little Nina ambushes Frenchie as he walks to get a coffee.

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