‘Through My Window: Across The Sea’ Ending, Explained

The long-anticipated sequel to ‘Through My Window,’ aptly named ‘Across The Sea,’ elicited a mix of emotions that left many of us scratching our heads. While some of us were indeed excited about the new addition, the overall quality of the first film cast a long shadow over this sequel. The first film, despite the love from its loyal book-based fans, garnered an arguably generous 5.5/10 rating on IMDb. Yet, somehow, the sequel was given the go-ahead. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Ares and Raquel’s twisted love story in ‘Across The Sea.’

Distant Yet Closer Than Ever

The sequel sees Ares embarking on a medical journey in Stockholm while Raquel immerses herself in literature. Their shared bubble consists of countless phone calls, a seemingly lopsided balance given the strenuous nature of Ares’ studies. Contrary to the previous installment, where Raquel was painted as a successful author, ‘Across The Sea’ shows her in a different light – a budding writer with a ready manuscript and an unwavering dream. The additional drama of Yoshi, Raquel’s agent, who is clearly still harbouring feelings for her, and their respective admirers at college adds an intriguing dimension to the story.

A Sojourn with Unexpected Turns

In an attempt to spice up their long-distance relationship, Ares surprises Raquel with a trip to his beach house, leading to an unexpected rendezvous with Ares’ brothers and their friends. What transpires at the beach house is a whirlwind of jealousy, objectification, and realizations. Amidst all the chaos, Ares and Raquel find themselves questioning their relationship as they get to know more about each other’s new college friends.

Vera: The Unexpected Intruder

Throughout their stay, Raquel feels increasingly alienated due to Vera, a new friend of Ares, who seems intent on causing a rift between the couple. Things hit the fan when a picture of Vera wearing Ares’ shirt surfaces, leading to a heated game of truth or dare, where Raquel confronts Ares about his relationship with Vera. Left unanswered, Raquel concludes the worst – Ares cheated on her.

Confessions and Catastrophes

Amid the tumult, both Raquel and Ares wrestle with their own issues. Ares grapples with the pressures of medical school and his past mistakes, whereas Raquel conceals her looming publishing success. The situation escalates when Vera confesses to Ares that nothing happened between them, infuriating Ares who blames her for not being truthful sooner.

A Tragedy Amidst The Chaos

The drama doesn’t end there. Artemis and Apollo, Ares’ brothers, struggle with their relationships. Even Yoshi breaks a heart before his tragic end. He pursues Raquel, which leads to a fatal accident that leaves everyone in shock and despair. Despite the tragedy, the reality is that Ares and Raquel were not quite ready to move on, and they still harboured feelings for each other.

The Bitter End

The ending of ‘Through My Window: Across The Sea’ sees Raquel and Ares in a bitter altercation, fuelled by grief and misunderstandings. Blame is thrown around, and harsh words are exchanged, leading to their eventual breakup. As Ares grapples with his future in medical school, Raquel sees success as her novel gets published. Their paths seem to have diverged forever as indicated by the symbolic closing of Raquel’s window.

A Missed Opportunity

In retrospect, the focus on Ares and Raquel’s relationship feels somewhat misplaced. Their story reflects the clichéd struggle of “every cool guy out of his comfort space”, a trope reminiscent of characters like Noah in ‘The Kissing Booth’ or Paxton in ‘Never Have I Ever’. The potential for a more intriguing narrative in the form of Artemis and Claudia’s tumultuous relationship was sadly overlooked. Their conflicts and complexities could have offered a more engaging storyline compared to the rather bland narrative of Ares and Raquel.

A Questionable Conclusion and a Sigh of Relief

The climax sees Claudia reconsidering her decision to leave Artemis, an unexpected and frustrating turn of events. Considering the toxic nature of their relationship, Claudia’s change of heart feels unjustifiable. At the same time, the continued focus on Ares and Raquel feels tiring, given their lack of substantial development. By the end, ‘Through My Window: Across The Sea’ is as underwhelming as its predecessor, leaving audiences with the promise (or threat) of a third installment. One can only hope for Claudia to make better decisions and for a storyline that doesn’t solely revolve around Ares and Raquel’s increasingly tiresome love saga.

Regardless of its many shortcomings, ‘Through My Window: Across The Sea’ offered a sequel that dove deeper into the lives of its main characters. Although the film didn’t quite meet the expectations set by its beloved book series, it brought the characters to life once again and allowed fans to see their favorite love story unfold on screen. Whether the planned third installment will bring redemption or further disappointment remains to be seen.

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