What Role Did Jeff Lazkani Play In Chelsea Joining The Oppenheim Group?

What Role Did Jeff Lazkani Play In Chelsea Joining The Oppenheim Group? “Selling Sunset” season 5 made a splash by introducing a new real estate mogul – Chelsea Lazkani. Known for her strong ties with Christine Quinn, and an innate knack for selling high-end real estate, Lazkani is bringing a fresh perspective to the hit Netflix reality show. However, what role did Jeff Lazkani play in Chelsea joining The Oppenheim Group?

Jeff Lazkani’s Support in Chelsea’s New Venture

Chelsea Lazkani’s personal life is intertwined with her professional one, thanks to her husband, Jeff Lazkani. He is a Managing Partner at Icon Media Direct, having climbed the ranks from account coordinator, director, and vice president of business development and strategy over his 17-year career at the company. Jeff was instrumental in Chelsea’s professional journey, as he was the one to first connect her with Jason Oppenheim. This was a pivotal move that eventually led Chelsea to become the newest member of The Oppenheim Group.

Chelsea’s Budding Relationships with Selling Sunset Cast

Although Chelsea did not know any of the Selling Sunset’s formidable agents prior to joining the show, she quickly formed strong connections. Her relationship with Christine Quinn was particularly noted. However, she was also keen on forming her unique relationships, refraining from getting entangled in any existing drama. The bonds she was building with other agents at the Oppenheim Group were also evident, as she noted her special connection with Emma Hernan and her admiration for Chrishell Stause.

Chelsea’s Love for Fashion

Apart from real estate, Selling Sunset is well-known for its fashion display, and Chelsea fits right in with her love for stunning clothes. Her taste in fashion was well evident when she wore a breathtaking Zuhair Murad gown at her wedding in 2017. Despite her access to top designers, Chelsea has her unique approach to fashion. This extends to her ability to get ready in under 30 minutes, a skill she credits to motherhood.

Chelsea’s Aspirations: Building Her Own Empire

Joining The Oppenheim Group, a place renowned for making successful careers and dealing with expensive properties, Chelsea is keen on building her own multi-million dollar business. She sees the successful women around her as an inspiration and sees herself selling high-value homes in the future.

Family Influence in Chelsea’s Career

Chelsea’s real estate and business acumen did not develop in a vacuum. Her parents played a significant role in inspiring her career. Her mother, Elizabeth Adefioye, a Chief People Officer at Emerson, instilled in her a sense of what is possible, and her father, Segun Adefioye, an architect and property developer, fueled her love for real estate.

Chelsea’s Journey in Selling Sunset

As the newest face in Selling Sunset, Chelsea is excited about the journey she has embarked on. She refers to the new season as “electric,” assuring viewers that it is unlike anything they have seen before. This excitement also extends to her social media posts, where she shares her gratitude for the love and support she has received.

In conclusion, Jeff Lazkani played a crucial role in Chelsea joining The Oppenheim Group, providing her with the opportunity that is now allowing her to forge her own path in the real estate industry.

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